Charters include all bait, tackle, fishing poles and license. We can accommodate up to 6 persons, including children. All fish are cleaned and filets are sealed in zip lock bags once back at the marina. Be sure to bring your ice chest to transport your catch home!

Full Day Fishing Charter

Full Day Charter – $1000 

(9 hours)

This trip entails traveling up to 30 miles offshore in search of Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, King Mackerel, Cobia, Tripletail, Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass, Vermillion Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, etc.

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Half Day Charter $800 

(5 hours)

This trip targets same species as full day but is limited on time and distance. Trips can be planned in the morning or afternoon.

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Deep Drop Charter

Deep Drop Charter – $1100

This trip entails traveling 35-45 miles offshore to deep drop in cobalt blue, 500-700 ft water using electric reels. We target the absolute delicious Golden and Blueline Tilefish, Snowy Grouper and Yellowedge Grouper.

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Yellowfin Tuna Charter – $3,400

  • Approximately 16 Hours
  • Location “The Other Side” Gulf Stream
  • Distance 60-100 miles
  • Migratory Season – May through September

This is ultimate fishing trip and my personal favorite. Crossing the stream puts us in the tunas’ backyard. Birds take us to the fish as they hover and dive for scraps left by these massive schools feeding on surface bait pods.

We pick the action up on our 12kw radar approx 6 miles out. Once we get a visual we troll ahead of the schools direction of travel and swing the lures right across their path. We then buckle-in and get ready for the reels to scream. We usually hookup 4-5 powerful fish at a time and the reels start smokin; fight of a lifetime. On these outings we also routinely catch bill fish, blackfin, skipjack, wahoo and mahi mahi. An untapped resource, it gets no better than “The Other Side”

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Scattering of Funeral Ashes at Sea – $400

  • Price includes wreath, rose petals and certificate of scattering.
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Tournaments start-up hot and heavy in May and run thru August. Why not go with a winning team? Prices range from $800 – $1000 depending on individual tournament fees. Call or e-mail me for complete details and tournament schedule and let’s get on the top of the board.

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Tip :

My mate (Kelvin) works hard for you to insure everything is just perfect for your fishing pleasure. He’s there an hour before the charter and leaves two hours after we return (when the fish are cleaned and the boat is put back in order). He’s been fishing at the port for over 20 years; its his backyard. He provides whatever coaching one might need with fishing and is great with the kids. He is absolutely the best mate at the port!! Suggested tip is 20%. Captain takes tips too!!!

Deposit :

A $100 dollar deposit is required to reserve your day. A $500 dollar deposit is required for Yellowfin Tuna trips. Book early to ensure availability. Deposit is fully refundable if we cancel due to weather or you cancel 7 days prior to charter so I can rebook. Send check to:

Arts Adventures
449 Cardinal Dr.
Satellite Beach, Fl 32937